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Can it be possible that this is the highlight to the second half of the season?

Nice work


Isiah's number would not be going up in the MSG rafters were it not for Eddy Curry. In honor of Eddy's almost-an-All-Star-caliber season, we will present him with a gold-plated pedestal autographed by all of the 43 players who out-rebounded him this season.

Wow, that made me laugh so hard. Nice work. I feel your depression... and I'm not even a Knicks fan.


Downright hilarious. Give Isiah a little credit though: He has rebuilt 4 teams now: Phoenix, Toronto, Chicago and Orlando..... too bad he did all that whilst on the Knicks payroll. You did forget to mention one other good door prize: 1 lucky fan selected will get to come to half court at halftime and have a donut eating contest vs. Eddy Curry. We need to ensure the big fella has a legit excuse NOT to rebound in the 2nd half.


I enjoy listening you call in on the Jody MacDonald. I can hear the pain in your voice.

Nets Fan New York

This is classic. Finally good to see a Knicks fan unabashedly confess their hatred for Isiah ruining the Knicks franchise. I mean seriously - how does this guy get away with it? First time reader... looking forward to reading more stuff.


You should expand this into a website covering the Knicks and the rest of the NY teams. Some Cub fans started The Heckler(www.theheckler.com) that has grown to cover the rest of Chicago's teams.

what exactly were the knicks mad at the bulls about?

mad that they were exposed as $100 million losers who give up on a game in the third quarter? mad that they don't even have the pride to play hard? mad that the bulls won't let them coast?

i hate these lazy bums.


Lets face it! As long the KNICKS have the same owner we will always fail! Lets find a way to trick him into making good decisions for the team.....hes so dumb....IT MIGHT WORK!!!

Stephon Marbury

How come I wasnt mentioned?


This just may be the best thing that has ever happened to the Knicks franchise.


Thanks, Mr. Dolan. Is MSG hiring? Because it doesn't look like you need to do very good work to get rewarded. I'll fax a resume, I'd like to apply for General Manager.

yankee fan

joe says,to his buddy Paul,do you care if it falls?
Paul replies, if what falls?
the empire!,joe says,
the Dolan empire.
Paul replies f--- it!
joe says yeah f--- it!

all I can say is screw cablevision Lets Go Direct T.V.


what can i say.right on the money.great stuff.dolan,please sell msg to anybody!

lawrence chen



You're my hero.

That was awesome.


This is great. Hilarious stuff here. My first time here, but not my last.

Alex K.

Good stuff, man...had me laughing the whole way through.


everything went down the drain well before isiah got there. we should have never traded ewing cuz we got all those fat contracts in return. we should have let the BEST KNICK EVER retire in ny and then go on from there. we've been wayyyyyy over the cap since that time. anyway, if we play it smart, we'll be under the cap in 2 years. JUST ABOUT 10 YEARS LOST....

Don Paco

That was really fucking funny. Genius man. Go Nets!


Hells yeah! You nailed the anguish of being a Knicks fan these days.


This is hilarious!! Really made my day!

Keep up the good work.

Greetings from Sweden.

Benny the Bull

Thanks Isiah for once again helping your hometown Chicago.

You took away Eddy Curry from us and assured us a nice nice draft pick this year.

Kudos to you a true son of Chicago!


Knicks fan since the Ewing era. in fact, it was the Knicks who made me love basketball. Starks-Oakley-Harper. Now those were real, tough cookies. Ever sinc that 99 Finals stint, everything is just getting topsyturvy for the Knicks. Now whenever ppl ask me what my two favorite teams are, i mention the Suns and.. well.. yeah.. i guess... New York. Boneheaded contracts & disillusions. Eddy Curry All-Star? Uh-uh. He doesn't deserve it one bit. No Defense. No rebounding. No heart. I hate it. I HATE IT! I HATTTEEEEEEEE IT!


There's one thing that keeps my hopes up each night as I go to bed, thinking about all the horrible things in this world: This one thing is that Isiah is always right, and everyone else is wrong. Knowing his self-confidence rivals that of God himself helps me sleep soundly. Isiah, your unflappable arrogance is inspiring! Keep up the less-than-mediocre work!


So true... all of it. The Knicks fans who think SO highly of Curry and that he was snubbed come All Star weekend have a nice rude awakening when they check the stat sheet.

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